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Problems Contributing to the ER Crisis

At the heart of the ER Crisis is access to emergency care.

Earlier this year ACEP released its National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine and, overall, the nation earned an abysmal D- for the category of access to emergency care. It was, by far, the poorest overall grade. But, it was also the most significant because access to emergency care encompasses the critical issues requiring immediate attention: crowding, boarding, ambulance diversion, emergency room closures, and the on-call specialist shortage 







No one is immune to the effects of the ER Crisis. Children, parents, elderly, seriously ill, insured and uninsured are all feeling the impact of frightening and, sometimes, life-threatening consequences of crowding, boarding, ambulance diversion, emergency room closures, and the on-call specialist shortage.

Read the real-life stories of how the issues plaguing the nation’s emergency rooms impacted innocent lives. And prevent it from happening to you and your family by asking your Congressional representatives to co-sponsor the Access to Emergency Medical Services Act. 

Bella Nannini

Little baby Bella’s parents helplessly watched as she turned blue, jerked uncontrollably, and went limp due to a seizure. But they felt even more helpless when a 15-minute ambulance ride ended up taking nearly six hours to get her the specialized care she needed.  


Ambulance Helicopter II

A stroke patient in need of a neurosurgeon had to be flown nearly 1,000 miles away at a cost of $45,000 because of the on-call specialist shortage plaguing ERs nationwide.



Due to a policy at the University of Chicago Medical Center, 12-year-old Dontae Adams and his mother were forced to go by bus across town to get the emergency surgery Dontae needed to treat wounds he suffered in a pit bull attack. 



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