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The Nordmeyer Family

Ambulance HelicopterThe fact that there is an unprecedented shortage of on-call specialists may not concern you, but think about if this were you or a loved one.

ABC News recently reported the story of Richard Nordmeyer, who was on vacation in Arizona when he suffered a stroke. Despite his emergency physician’s unrelenting efforts to find an on-call neurosurgeon, there was not one to be found in all of Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada who could answer the urgent calls to treat him.

“They told me in the emergency room that he would need immediate surgery, that he had a bleed on the brain,” his wife Janice said in the news piece.

Eight hours later, the ER physician treating Mr. Nordmeyer finally found an on-call specialist to take the case. The catch was he was in San Francisco – nearly 1,000 miles away. Mr. Nordmeyer had to be flown by helicopter – at a cost of $45,000 – to the specialist in order to get the treatment he needed. Thankfully, he pulled through despite the obstacles presented by the on-call shortage.

The Access to Emergency Medical Services Act seeks to end the ever-increasing problem of on-call specialist so that patients can get the medicinal care they need and deserve. Help make sure care is there when you need it by taking action today. Ask your Congressional representative to co-sponsor the Access to Emergency Medical Services Act.

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